Alive 4-ever RETURNS Review

By , on April 29, 2010

Alive 4-ever RETURNS
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5 out of 5


  • Bigger, better gameplay.
  • Updated interface features and item/weapon unlocking system.
  • 4 player co-op gameplay.
  • Cute, gun-toting cosplayer? Why not!


  • Strong horror/violent themes even with the gore turned off.


There should be no need to convince fans of the series to immediately grab Alive 4-ever RETURNS, but for anyone that held out on the original, this is definitely bigger, badder and more exciting than ever before. Seriously... grab it!

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Meridian's first entry in the Alive 4-ever series was hard to fault, with a style that transformed the incredible popularity of Left 4 Dead for the PC in to something exciting and playable for iPhone owners. With such a great first title in the series, the sequel 'RETURNS' certainly had huge shoes to fill, but it not only filled those shoes, it completely pimped them out.

The same tight dual-stick controls are used in the sequel, making movement and aiming easy and accurate from the game's outset. Like the original game, each of your characters has a series of attributes that can be upgraded to provide benefits like larger clips or increased health, but the real step forward is RETURNS' improved skill and item system. As characters level up they'll unlock talents that provide temporary benefits for the player, while items and weapons need to be purchased after unlocking them giving the game a better sense of progression.

Gore splattered and creepy environments are back, but small tweaks to the engine have made the game feel smoother than ever before. Small features like zooming in the camera while surrounded add to the game's suspense and create a real feeling of panic once you've hit the crunch. On top of all the game's new and updated features, it's almost amazing to think there's 40 levels of new and varied content to make your way through too.

Without a doubt this should find a place on anyone's iPhone - and thanks to gore reduction options, even the squeemish can enjoy this title.


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