Death Knight Review

By , on July 16, 2010

Death Knight
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3 out of 5


  • Fast-paced action-brawling gameplay.
  • Variety of weapons and skills to upgrade.
  • Detailed 2D artwork with an amusing edge.


  • Drawn out game length.
  • Sound effects pull you out of the moment.


Death Knight has a lot of variety to explore early on and is a lot of fun to come to grips with, but it quickly spirals in to the usual grind-fest that's hard to stick with.

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Triniti Interactive's latest release, Death Knight jumps on the beat'em up bandwagon with its own spin on the genre. Bad guys invade, your character takes up the call, bad guys get their heads smashed in - it's nothing unique, but at least there's no kidnapped princess/mayor/girlfriend to bother rescuing.

On your epic 77 level journey you'll take the reigns of a nameless knight as he wields an assortment of weaponry to dispatch the 'forces of EVIL'. There's only one control scheme to play with, utilizing a virtual stick on the left and two buttons for block/dodge and attack on the right. Upgrades for your arsenal not only change their appearance and strength, but weapons can unlock various skills to employ in dispatching enemies. These can range from devastating area based attacks to defensive spells to top up your health. Each weapon has a unique style, but basically boils down to short combination attacks in either quick or slow sweeping blows.

Death Knight uses a detailed cartoonish art-style and it's a treat to watch as you slowly upgrade in to a bad-ass monster slayer. Given this creative flair it's disappointing to see a few creative liberties or 'homages' creeping their way in, with sound effects and designs from Blizzard titles like World of Warcraft and Warcraft 3 being evident.

By the later stages, Death Knight borders on being terribly repetitive, but for genre fans it's a common flaw that might be easily ignored; great value for money, but not as polished as we'd like to think it could be.


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