Atlantis - Legend of the Mermaids Review

By , on May 3, 2010

Atlantis - Legend of the Mermaids
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3 out of 5


  • Lots of weapons to enjoy.
  • Fun and initially simple gameplay style.
  • Good to know that fish-men have gems in their bellies!


  • Some weird immature themes.


Overall 'Atlantis - Legend of the Mermaids' is an interesting mix of ideas with a slightly immature that amounts to a pretty standard action title that has its entertaining moments.

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Saving mermaids from terrible fish-men from Atlantis sounds like a fairly typical motivation for any action hero to pick up his weapon and sally-forth. But 'Atlantis - Legend of the Mermaids' isn't your typical beat'em-up from developer Hiray Information and while your everyday-joe may be on a heroic quest, his motivations aren't entirely pure and you'll have to wade through fish-guts and other unmentionables on your epic journey.

Atlantis uses twin-stick shooter controls to move around the horizontal scrolling levels, allowing you to float around with ease and shoot enemies as they spawn. And boy-howdy do they quickly spawn. Upgrading your weapons is a matter of fine balance, with upgrades helping you to stay on top of the game's horde of fish-monsters, but if you're too hasty to pick up that super weapon ammunition supplies will deplete faster than you can buy it.

The artwork is a fairly colorful and quirky style of hand-drawn 2D sprites with a few special effects added in to the mix. There is a bit of gore to worry about, with monsters exploding in a visceral way and a few other gross objects making an appearance, but overall it's a fairly standard cartoonish level of violence.

Atlantis is an interesting mix of gameplay, merging twin-stick controls with a beat'em-up style and even a few upgrades to round up the collection. It's a hard game to recommend with its somewhat immature themes, but casual gamers after a new experience might get a kick out a few laughs.


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