Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece, Book I Review

By , on April 30, 2010

Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece, Book I
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3 out of 5


  • Challenging, plot driven puzzles.
  • Interesting puzzle facts.
  • Unique etch/print style artwork.


  • Easy to put down once a puzzle stumps you.


'Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece' is the first in a possible series of story driven puzzle games that's delightful to try even if it doesn't have all the charm of Professor Layton.

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'Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece, Book I' (deep breath) by The App House is an interesting experiment in trying to recapture what made the Professor Layton series on Nintendo's handhelds so popular. With its turn of the century 'period' style and dozens of interesting puzzles the game certainly steps in the right direction, but will players dive in to the world of Simon Graham long enough to wait for 'Book II'?

Most of the game's puzzles are touch-driven, allowing players to either enter answers in to specific boxes or manipulate objects on the screen. Puzzles range from linguistic to mathematical and logical mind-benders, giving players a good mixture to tickle the brain. Those struggling with an answer can submit their current answer for a hint, but as with most puzzle based games if you're well and truly stuck then that might be the end of your game altogether.

'Simon Graham' uses a period-inspired etch and print style of artwork throughout the game. iTunes can be played in the background, but you'll run the risk of clashing with the game's style depending on what you decide to listen to. While some puzzles can be blindly stumbled through with a handful of guesses, you'll need to keep a pen and paper ready to nut out some of the game's more challenging requests.

'Simon Graham' lacks the same mysterious charm of the Layton series, but its simple story is enjoyable and puzzle fans will certainly find themselves waiting for the game's sequel with no trouble at all.


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