Finger Physics: Thumb Wars Review

By , on July 23, 2010

Finger Physics: Thumb Wars
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4 out of 5


  • Two puzzle styles to master.
  • Intuitive touch and play controls.
  • New levels each month.
  • Compete against the world!


  • Loose camera controls.
  • Building blocks have a 'slippery' feel that can be hard to master.


Finger Physics: Thumb Wars picks up the pieces where Finger Fun left off and manages to improve on an already solid physics puzzler.

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PressOK Entertainment have made a big commitment with the latest release in the Finger Physics franchise, 'Thumb Wars'. Players can compete for their countries by completing various physics based puzzles, scoring points and bumping them further up the world-wide ladder. This isn't about personal glory, this is WAR.

In the first of two currently available modes, players will need to break, shift and manipulate the screen in order to get their ball to the exit while picking up stars. Objects need to be manipulated individually, so players will need to think carefully and quickly in order to score the maximum amount of points. In the second mode, players will have to stack various shapes, balancing them precariously in order to highlight as many stars as possible and prevent objects from falling off-screen for a set period of time. Things are made all the more challenging thanks to special blocks that explode on contact and the odd set of magnetized blocks that repel or attract each other in turn.

Those familiar with Finger Physics will appreciate the polishing that has gone in to the graphics, resulting in the blocks being easier to recognize. The backgrounds are also slightly more detailed, but retain the 'doodle' style from the original. There are currently 80 puzzles to work your way through, however PressOK have announced that additional levels will be added monthly, which is great news for those after great value.

For anyone after a challenging physics based puzzler, Thumb Wars fits the bill perfectly and manages to improve on what was already a successful concept. Whether you compete against yourself, your friends or other nations, you'll have plenty to do in this addictive physics title.


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