The Glowing Void Review

By , on May 4, 2010

The Glowing Void
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3 out of 5


  • Qix mixed with physics gameplay.
  • Two additional endless modes.
  • Simple neon interface.


  • Reduced difficulty, reduced addictiveness.


The Glowing Void is a great new twist on the classic arcade screen-filling gameplay for casual gamers, but it may not keep you coming back for more.

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The Glowing Void by Assyria Game Studio is an interesting spin on the classic arcade game Qix with players being tasked to fill the screen as much as possible while avoiding deadly bouncing balls. It's a basic premise that's given a great twist by allowing players to also flip their iPhone to change the gravity, potentially trapping the bouncing balls for bigger bonuses.

'Filler' mode requires players to fill up at least 70% of the screen, much like Qix and its variants. Touching and holding the screen will grow a new circle; dragging while holding down will allow you to avoid incoming balls; and rotating the screen will change the game's gravity. Two other game modes are also available from the outset, with 'Burst' and 'Avoidance' acting as endless modes that use the touch and rotation gameplay mechanics respectively.

Void uses a stripped down interface and simple neon stylized graphics that are smooth, but fairly common to see in arcade games lately. The game's music is a light synthetic mix that's easy to listen to, but iTunes is supported for background music for quick sessions that won't interrupt what you're listening to.

While The Glowing Void has taken its basic ideas from Qix, the simplified style removes some of the challenge that would have made this far more addictive. The additional endless modes don't add too much to the mix, but they're a nice alternative to the main game. Worth checking out for those after a new twist on an old gameplay idea.


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