100 Rogues Review

By , on May 5, 2010

100 Rogues
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4 out of 5


  • Hardcore Rogue-like RPG style.
  • Elegant 2D pixel-art.
  • More classes on the way.


  • Midi soundtrack can be hard on the ears.
  • Initial release has some serious identified bugs.


100 Rogues is a true rogue-like game that has been given a near perfect overhaul for modern gamers with hardcore tastes; and don't let this scare you off because it's a game just about anyone can jump in to and enjoy.

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100 Rogues has been a year and a half in the making, but developers Dinofarm Games have finally reached the finish line with their Rogue-like dungeon crawler for the App Store. This is a game of wit and survival and certainly shouldn't be taken lightly by those after a true RPG challenge.

The controls are intuitive and respond to basic screen touches to move or attack depending on what you highlight. Skill trees are available to each class and provide access to abilities that will help you to survive against some of the game's tougher opponents. Unlike most recent action RPGs, you're only given one chance to survive the game's dangerous depths so you'll need to stay alert and constantly excercise your cunning to remain one step ahead of the game's AI.

100 Rogues is beautifully simplistic, with perfectly inspired 2D pixel-art sprites and animations. Much like a regular 'endless' game for the iPhone, players can be ranked on their progress against a global scoreboard and with its randomly generated levels you'll have plenty of reasons to jump right back in to the fray.

Despite its high release price 100 Rogues is an investment in time-wasting that'll keep you busy for hours and with two more characters on the way you'll be positively spoiled for gameplay. Rogue-like fans should jump at the chance to play 100 Rogues and RPG fans after a truly challenging experience will love the game's hardcore design.


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rekz 9 years, 6 months ago

I bought it for $1 awhile back.  While I'm glad that indie studios are developing games, I admit I've been disappointed so far with this game.
As all comments in the appstore have noted, this app is buggy.  It won't be the same game twice -- b/c the second game something won't work right.  The game is cute, but has so few levels & is really a radical departure from the rogue-like genre in that you just run around & whack monsters & level up abilities -- and get stuff that might work for you.  No 'unknown potions' and no 'mysterious scrolls', etc.
This game is cute, and IMO worth $1 or $2, but a $5 starting price was steep compared to comparable games.  I can't overstate the impressive game "Dungeon Defenders" vs 100 Rogues.  An amazing quality difference from my POV, and also an indie game.
Thanks again for the review.

rekz 9 years, 8 months ago

Been watching this forever!  Have it in my 'WishList' of AppShopper, but I didn't notice the price drop.  I did notice it on your site though, and just dloaded.  I'll try & post a review soon.  Some people say the app crashes a lot, but other folks are completely passionate about it.
As a Roguelike LOVER of games, I hope to be in the latter group!

andrew 9 years, 8 months ago

I've been playing this since it came out - the 2.0 update was massive and a huge content addition that I look forward to checking out ;)