Blockade - Interstellar Cargo Transport And Navigation Review

By , on July 19, 2010

Blockade - Interstellar Cargo Transport And Navigation
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4 out of 5


  • Line drawing gameplay plus deadly obstacles.
  • Eight levels with a unique storyline.
  • Distract cops while speeding on by.


  • Full vessels hard to identify.


Blockade goes out of its way to try to add something unique to the line drawing genre and while it's not entirely successful, it's still a challenging new entry that fans can enjoy.

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Becoming proficient at a line drawing game can be incredibly difficult, but with so many to choose from it's fast becoming a skill that just about everyone has had a chance to master. Blockade by One Day Beard sets out to change the rules, throwing all kinds of obstacles at the player, challenging them to rise above the pack and get their passengers to their final destination - Angelhill.

Those familiar with other line drawing games like Flight Control will have no trouble jumping in and managing their fleets early on. Each ship will need to be fueled up at various stations before making the final run for a jump-gate. In the process players will need to avoid ships warping in; evade galactic police arresting passengers; and avoid the occasional hazardous weapon or malfunctioning station.

Levels will unlock after rescuing a set number of ships on the previous level, giving you access to a total of eight missions in the storyline. This is no easy task as each successive level significantly ramps up the challenge, but with practice (and a bit of luck) you'll be on your way to Angelhill. The artwork for the backgrounds and stations are beautiful, however keeping track of vessels that are full can be extremely difficult and avoiding warp-in collisions can be hard for slower ships.

Blockade is a challenging new entry for line drawing titles and genre fans will definitely not be disappointed.


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