Vector Rally Review

By , on May 2, 2010

Vector Rally
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3 out of 5


  • Intuitive vector-based racing mayhem.
  • Pass-and-play multiplayer available.
  • Seven tracks to master.


  • Grid overlay makes the maps look washed out.
  • Little music or special effects.


Vector Rally is a classic idea repackaged under a modern guise and even if you never played this in school it's great fun to share with friends.

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We've had tilt-based racers, touch-based racers and even line-drawing racers, but now you can try your hand at a turn-based racer. Vector Rally by EJay Studios resurrects the classic pen and paper game from the schoolyard and gives it a 21st century makeover for your iPhone. Be warned, things can get a little bit nerdy from here on in.

Much like the title implies, your racer is placed on a grid and its movement is determined by simple vector addition and subtraction depending on where you touch on a 3x3 grid. Vector Rally shows you exactly where you'll end up by placing a grid that duplicates your controls on to the race-track, meaning the only thing you'll have to keep track of is your current acceleration. The aim is to make it around the track in the shortest possible route and with AI or local multiplayer available things can quickly get out of control.

The game keeps things simple with small grid-positioned sprites layered on to digitally hand-painted race-tracks. There are currently seven tracks in total to play through, giving you and your friends a fair amount to play through and master. Multiplayer can be played on local wifi or bluetooth, but the 'pass and play' mode is strongly recommended instead.

While you may not have played this game in school, it's a fun way to waste time with friends and flex your competitive muscles. Worth checking out for the nostalgia and pure time-wasting experience.


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