Dogs Playing Poker Review

By , on May 6, 2010

Dogs Playing Poker ~ free Texas hold'em game for all skill levels & dog lovers!
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5 out of 5


  • 'Learning' AI.
  • Individual character personalities.
  • Excellent game tutorial for new players.


  • Multiplayer would have gone down a treat.


Dogs Playing Poker may sound like a gimmick, but instead of a pop culture mess it's an amazing Texas Hold'em game that may even convert your friends to trying out this insanely popular style of Poker.

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It's such a simple idea, but Dogs Playing Poker could easily have been a hard one to stomach thanks to C. M. Coolidge's paintings holding a dubious position in pop culture and its assorted ephemera. Thankfully instead of some tacky attempt at cashing in on a pop reference Dogs Playing Poker by Candywriter is probably one of the friendliest and certainly furriest Texas Hold'em games for the iPhone.

The tutorial is simply brilliant and gives players a chance to not only learn the game's controls, but to play through various hands to help those unfamiliar with Texas Hold'em to get a good grounding in the game's basics. Some familiarity with Poker will help, but definitely isn't necessary. The game is controlled through simple menu choices and bets can be raised by dragging the edge of their button. Each dog in the game has a particular set of tells to learn making the game far more interesting for advanced players.

Aside from a few additional references to Coolidge's original paintings, Dogs Playing Poker uses a clean and simple cartoonish design for the dogs. Games take place everywhere from a Chinese restaurant kitchen to a Pound. Full playlist support is available for iTunes, but you'll want to keep the music turned down to keep track of each dog's various signals.

On the surface of things Dogs Playing Poker doesn't seem like a serious Hold'em game, but once you dive in you'll be pleasantly rewarded with clever AI and individual personalities that round this in to a App for the iPhone.


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