Flick Baseball Pro Review

By , on May 7, 2010

Flick Baseball Pro
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4 out of 5


  • Simple tilt and tap gameplay.
  • Great interface and smooth animations.


  • Rudimentary announcer.
  • Rough 3D design.


Flick Baseball Pro is another great game in Freeverse's stable of pick up and play sports titles and despite a few rough edges it's still a solid arcade sports title.

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'Flick Baseball Pro' is the latest in Freeverse's 'Flick' gaming series and transforms traditional arcade baseball games in to something unique for the iPhone. Whether you're after a quick 3-inning match or a fully featured 165 game season, you'll have the opportunity to not only help your favorite city in winning the league, but you can even customize them or create your very own team to compete with.

Virtual d-pads and buttons are completely ignored in Flick Baseball Pro, opting for accelerometer and touch controls to make the most of your team. Batting couldn't be simpler as you aim with the accelerometer and tap to swing. Pitching is just as easy, but you'll need to make good use of your different pitches as the AI gets a boost if it can guess what throw you're making. Fielding is also simplified, using quick time events to catch out fly-balls and simple taps to throw to a base.

The 3D models and textures feel rough an incomplete compared to the game's clear 2D interface that has hallmarks taken directly from ESPN. The animations are smooth and special effects make the ball easy to see in play at all times. Team customization is surprisingly comprehensive and if you're obsessed enough you could attempt to recreate the current MLB teams.

Whether you're a fan of baseball or you enjoy the occasional arcade sports title, 'Flick Baseball Pro' is a solid game that makes baseball easy to play and fun to master.


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