Whacksy Taxi Review

By , on June 30, 2010

Whacksy Taxi
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4 out of 5


  • Fast-paced endless racer with belligerent drivers.
  • Seven different areas to recklessly drive in.
  • Bonus modes that turn up the heat.


  • No alternate control scheme.
  • Straining at incoming cars can be difficult over longer sessions.


Whacksy Taxi is a surprisingly simple endless style of racer that will challenge your timing skills in new ways while giving you release to your inner road-rager.

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Whacksy Taxi by Mindstorm Studios is a bogglingly fun title for one simple reason: Who'd have thought that Outrun could become MORE of an Arcade game? In this endless-style racer you'll dodge, jump and fly over traffic on your whirlwind tour of the US, just try not to blow up while nudging cars from the rear.

Your Taxi has free reign of three lanes on its high-speed rampage, with various cars, SUVs and trucks blocking your way. Tapping the controls on either side of the screen will jump your vehicle in to the next lane and players will need to master their timing to squeeze their way through impossibly small gaps to rack up the bonus points. Vehicles can also be jumped, however this ability is in limited supply and when all else fails you can brake to wait for that much needed gap.

Whacksy Taxi looks like a modern Outrun-inspired racer, with 2D sprites slowly fading in from a distant horizon, however there are no long-turns to speak of to visually break-up longer runs. In lieu of this, each leg of your 35 part journey in the basic mode is punctuated with challenge zones to change things up.

There are also power-ups to collect to boost things along and it's great to see attention to detail in the small things like adding invincibility at the end to ease players back in to the flow. Whacksy Taxi is a great arcade racer that will keep you glued to your screen and is definitely worth checking out.


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