Skate It by EA Review

By , on May 12, 2010

Skate It by EA
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5 out of 5


  • Complex and challenging gameplay.
  • tonnes of extras to unlock.
  • Custom levels and saved replays.


  • Inconsistent gesture recognition.
  • No alternate control schemes.


Skate It tries to mix arcade style gameplay with controls that aim for a more 'genuine' experience that are initially intuitive, but challenging to master.

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Skate It by Electronic Arts is finally here after almost two months since it was first announced and brings its unique brand of simulated skateboarding to the App Store.

Instead of jabbing a variety of virtual buttons or a d-pad to pull off your tricks, players can combine swipe gestures to string together a chain of tricks. The control system has been pulled out of the Nintendo DS version and given an appropriate upgrade for the iPhone, making it more responsive than its hand-held brother. As you progress on your career new locations and challenges will open up, giving you a chance to slowly step up your game, however shifting gears from basic tricks to advanced moves can be challenging and may never truly click with some players.

Each location is a veritable playground of opportunities for players to explore, but the game's gritty textures can wear thin at times, making you wonder if everything (including your player) is made out of concrete. The game's challenges are varied and as you progress you'll unlock new items to customize your chosen skater and even objects to design your own personal skate-park.

Skate It goes out of its way to provide an arguably 'genuine' experience with its control scheme and handling that makes it hard to compare to the Tony Hawk series. Its accelerometer controlled turning and gesture based tricks will turn off some players, but those that persist will find a compelling skating game that's challenging to complete and great value for your money.


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