Armada - Galactic War Review

By , on May 12, 2010

Armada - Galactic War
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3 out of 5


  • Server controlled AI opponents if no-one is available.
  • Fast 2-4 player battles.
  • Basic designs and easily identifiable units.


  • Simplistic strategy for RTS veterans.
  • No advanced unit selection options.


Armada - Galactic War has been developed from the ground-up for the iPhone and its speed and streamlined simplicity clearly shine through, but its basic gameplay is double-edged and might put off veteran RTS fans.

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'Armada - Galactic War' by Pixel Stream is a no-nonsense real-time strategy (RTS) game that jumps straight out of the need for a single-player experience and immediately throws you up against living, breathing opponents. Armada is a multi-player only game for 2-4 players that needs 3G or Wifi to play.

For many RTS games their success or failure can be directly attributed to their controls, especially when the average player is capable of processing 50 to 70 actions per minute. Armada solves this problem for the iPhone by streamlining its controls, using simple gestures like tapping to assign attack targets for selected units and double tapping to force a move. Holding the 'select' button lets you tap or drag to select multiple units, however adding units to an already selected group or saving selected units to separate groups is surprisingly absent.

Base-building has also been streamlined out of the gameplay, which makes for strongly battle-oriented gameplay that can quickly swing back and forth, however with the lack of finessed selection controls most battles consist of massed units instead of carefully controlled strategy.

The three races available are more of an aesthetic choice and while 'Armada - Galactic War' might just scratch your RTS itch, the generic gameplay quickly becomes repetitive. Some great ideas have gone in to making this game and it's certainly great value at its introductory price, but veteran players will want to wait until Armada matures with updates.


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