NyxQuest Review

By , on August 15, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • Great use of touch controls mixed with traditional buttons.
  • Stunning background landscapes.
  • Enjoyable soundtrack.


  • One can get confused trying to manipulate the environment and move via the buttons at the same time.


Great presentation, engaging gameplay, and a decent story. Nyxquest would make a great addition to anyone's iPhone games library.

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It's hard to believe NyxQuest is a port of a Wiiware game released in 2009. Not due to its presentation or anything along those lines, but rather that upon playing the game, you'd swear it was created with a touch interface in mind. Most people should know the story of Icarus. Given wings held together by wax, he flew too close to the sun, the wax melted, and as a result he plummeted to Earth. On one of his flights he discovers the goddess Nyx and the two fall in love. The world below is devastated by a cataclysmic event, and it's up to Nyx to traverse the ruins, and discover what has happened to her beloved Icarus.

The game is a side scrolling platformer. Nyx moves left and right via two arrow buttons in the bottom left corner while a jump button has her using her wings to lift off the ground. Nyx can flap her wings five times before having to recharge, and holding the jump button allows her to glide. Where the touch controls come in is that the gods grant her additional powers as the game progresses, allowing the player to move blocks, guide fireballs and to stop pillars from smashing, all with their finger. It's this constant unveiling of new obstacles and abilities that keeps the game engaging level by level.

Despite having 2D gameplay, NyxQuest utilizes a brilliant display of 3D depth with its backgrounds. Cliffs, statutes, pillars, and other ruins in the distance give a sense of scope and wonder as one makes their way through the environment. The soundtrack is pleasant and subdued, never really announcing its presence, but making the player glad its there just the same. The game contains twelve levels, each containing hidden treasures for those willing to search for them.

NyxQuest is incredibly well made. The levels are designed to always throw something new at you, and the touch controls manipulating the world are very satisfying. The move and jump buttons can sometimes be unresponsive in the heat of the moment, but not to any great detriment. Some also might take issue with the game taking license with Greek mythology, but if God of War can run ram shod over the myths of an ancient people and still be a very enjoyable experience, we should afford NyxQuest the same courtesy.


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