Babylonian Twins HD Premium iPad Review

By , on May 13, 2010

Babylonian Twins Platformer
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4 out of 5


  • Classic puzzle-platforming gameplay.
  • Excellent level designs and graphics.
  • Challenging later levels.


  • Minor control glitches on the iPad. Breakable textures sometimes feel misaligned.


Babylonian Twins starts out as an easy to pick up and play puzzle-platformer that quickly becomes a challenging and time-consuming game that's a joy to complete.

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Almost everyone has a friend they know that owned an Amiga during the 90's and I just happened to be 'that guy' for all of my friends. I'd extoll the virtues of its amazing graphics and the unique games that blossomed from classic developers like Bullfrog, System 3 or Team 17, but they'd look at me funny and go back to their SNES or text-based adventure games on the PC. Babylonian Twins comes from three developers who started developing a game for the Amiga in the early 90's and after a sixteen year break the puzzle platformer is now available on the App Store.

Much like The Lost Vikings, players will have to navigate through various levels while making use of each twin's individual abilities to collect, bounce and break their way through to the next level. A virtual stick is used to control the player's movement, while the smart-action button allows you to attack or use your special abilities. The iPad version did suffer from some minor odd errors in the movement, but was rare enough not to cause major problems.

The game's graphics are sharp and detailed in their 2D designs, however other than a higher resolution there was no major advantage to playing the game on the iPad. The puzzles are clever and will test your logic while giving you a chance to bust out your best platforming skills.

Babylonion Twins brings a distinctly old-school flavor to the App Store that feels at home on an iDevice, but if you're given a choice there's no reason not to pick up the iPhone instead.


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