Green Jump Review

By , on July 1, 2010

Green Jump
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3 out of 5


  • Simple Doodle Jump gameplay.
  • Clean cartoonish art style.
  • Green facts to inform while you play.


  • Sliding can be a touch overly sensitive.
  • Nothing you haven't played already.


It'd be great to know just how much of each purchase is going towards helping the environment, but at least Green Jump is a perfectly decent endless-jumper and fun for a few runs around the block.

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Much like the boldness displayed by the creators of Veggie Samurai, Baboonix have developed a rather blatant Doodle Jump clone in Green Jump - the first official game for Greenpeace on the App Store. But it's not entirely without merit as Green Jump keeps things simple and most importantly, fun.

Players need only to tilt their device to help slide their green crusader around as he jumps off clouds to escape the rising smog. As you climb in to the stratosphere you can collect letters to spell out 'Greenpeace', gaining a free continue in case you happen to fall down, while the usual assortment of jump and flight boosters help to propel you at an accelerated rate. As you ascend the smog will slowly creep up faster, making the occasional sludge-covered cloud turn from an annoyance to a deadly foe.

Players are treated to a rotating background of day/night with rainbows and shooting stars to break them up. Small awards are given at specific marks, however they provide no real incentive other than to punctuate your achievement. Scores can be automatically submitted online and Facebook publishing is also supported.

To be honest, as far as endless jumpers go, Green Jump has at least covered all of its bases. While there's no conflict through shooting, the smog is a good incentive and when all fails you're treated to a few Green facts. This won't be replacing your favorite titles just yet, but it's nice to get a solid game while promoting a good cause.


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