X2 Football 10/11 Review

By , on May 18, 2010

X2 Soccer 10/11
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4 out of 5


  • Smooth realistic controls.
  • Over 150 customizable teams.
  • Changeable RSS feed for sports news in-game.


  • Incredibly annoying announcer team.


X2 Soccer 2010 is definitely one of the best Soccer/Football games available for the App Store with its great features and tight simulation based gameplay.

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Where other Soccer games on the iPhone tend towards an arcade experience to their gameplay, X2 Soccer 2010 builds on the success of the first title in its series and solidifies X2 Games as having one the best simulated experiences for Soccer on the App Store.

One of the biggest advantages of X2 Soccer is its realistic controls that naturally move your players in a smoothly in a 360 circle and its slightly slower pace to help control your gameplay. Like most soccer titles, the controls are multipurpose depending on whether you're attacking or defending. Attacking players can choose between direct or indirect passes to strategically play the ball, with a small delay in the passing to give you a chance to switch your target at the last moment.

The graphics are simply incredible and while the players aren't rendered entirely realistically, their range of animations have a console quality polish to them. Sadly the announcers suffer from a (more than usual) limited vocabulary that quickly becomes annoying to listen to. On the plus side, despite not having licenses to directly represent every international team, players can customize the immense amount of available clubs to keep up with any roster changes of your favorite club.

Multiplayer comes in local and online varieties and for those who can't find a friend to play with the AI has been given an upgrade and plays a much stronger game, providing a decent challenge for veterans. A no-brainer purchase for any soccer/football fan.


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