Miner Disturbance Review

By , on July 5, 2010

Miner Disturbance
  • Publisher: Jagex
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 8 Jun, 2010
  • Size: 19.5 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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4 out of 5


  • 25 all new mission-based caves to explore.
  • Varied objectives and artifacts for replay value.
  • Unlockable classic randomized volcano mode to compete for high-scores.


  • Controls still feel sticky despite updates.


Miner Disturbance is a great adaption of an already popular title and could easily be considered the definitive title thanks to its many updates compared to the free online version.

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Miner Disturbance is the latest free-Flash-to-iPhone adaption from developer Jagex Games Studio and for fans of this title you're in for a treat. Often it's hard to justify paying for a game that is otherwise free, but if you enjoyed plumbing the depths of just one mountain then you'll love the challenge of conquering 25 unique maps.

Each level of the main game varies slightly in its goals, but for most your aim is to collect as much precious ore while avoiding pitfalls like drowning, cave-ins or the occasional monster. Movement is handled with a simple analogue stick, while two buttons allow you to jump and swing your mighty mining-pick. Players can dig out areas up to two-squares away from their miner and areas can be caved in specifically to create upward paths. As you progress you'll earn cash to go towards various upgrade items, however these can also be sold back for full price, allowing you to tackle each level with optimal equipment.

The game has undergone a huge visual overhaul compared to the online version, with clean cartoonish designs that are colorful, while remaining atmospheric for the dangerous depths of the volcano. Once players have completed the main game they can turn their attention towards gathering artifacts that will challenge their mining skills, providing decent replay value.

Miner Disturbance is a fun, semi-puzzler that will flex your ability to think logically and is definitely worth checking out.


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