Bio Army Review

By , on May 26, 2010

Bio Army
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3 out of 5


  • Multiple gameplay modes for each map.
  • Progressive unlockable features to teach players new towers.


  • Inconsistent art design.


Bio Army doesn't bring a lot of new features to the tower defense genre, but the balanced gameplay and large amount of unlockable content makes this great value for fans of the genre.

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Bio-monsters are invading, so it's time to crack out the troops to defend your base. Bio Army by DigiRabi forgoes being weighed down by a well crafted storyline and gets straight in to the action for this fairly standard tower defense title.

Various military units acting as 'towers', buildings and traps can by dragged on to the game's fixed grid placements while upgrades are performed by selecting structures to bring up a detailed menu. Each level has various obstacles that prevent placement of units and while some are obvious a few will need to be worked out through trial and error. As you progress through the game's 15 unlockable levels you'll add various new towers and buildings to your repertoire including the ability to gamble your cash for an income boost.

The artwork is mostly manga inspired with its 2D sprites and detailed icon, however the background and interface artwork feels inconsistent and doesn't quite match up with the military and monster designs. The soundtrack is solid and has a great rotation of styles, however iTunes is supported if you're after a change.

As you progress you'll not only unlock new levels, but also new modes for each map that give Bio Army a huge amount of re-playability. Despite its relatively generic approach to tower defense, it's a fun challenge that's great value considering the initial investment.


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