The Gravedigger Review

By , on July 6, 2010

The Gravedigger
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3 out of 5


  • Two unique, balanced factions (human and zombie).
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Basic upgrade system.


  • AI can 'lock up' at times.
  • Unit pathing can be unpredictable.


The Gravedigger is a seriously fun RTS concept with factions that have genuinely unique strategies to explore, but it's all too easy to lose interest after smashing the AI several times in a row.

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Its been said before on AppSpy, but nailing that true real-time strategy (RTS) feel doesn't seem to be easy for portable devices. The Gravedigger by Behold Studios takes yet another approach to the genre pitting Humans and Zombies against each other in a charmingly simplistic new game.

After selecting your allegiance with either the 'Gravedigger' or the 'Priest' you're launched in to a short 8 mission set of tutorial missions that slowly teach you how to control and maintain your armies. Individual units can be selected by tapping, while groups can be selected with an expanded pinch. There's no grouping, but most conflicts tend to be a matter of massing units for the slaughter. Souls are earned for dispatching enemies or finding specific items and can be used to upgrade units to new weapons or zombie-types.

The Gravedigger has a fun cartoonish style with super-deformed humanoids that look positively hilarious as humans and zombies alike. Sadly, once you've completed the campaign missions all that's left is a Skirmish mode versus the computer AI and after a couple games it's hard to pick it up again as there's little strategic variation required once you've amassed the largest army.

Thankfully each side does play uniquely and are fun to use correctly, but The Gravedigger really could have used a multiplayer mode to make the most of its balanced factions for more longevity. Definitely a fun RTS concept for genre fans, but too short to really enjoy.


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