William Tale Review

By , on May 30, 2010

William Tale
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3 out of 5


  • Smooth animations.
  • Varied games to enjoy.


  • Low skill requirements.


William Tale is a simple archery App that provides some amusement, but it won't be converting anyone in to a fan of the genre.

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William Tale (not to be confused with the William Tell tale) is an archery style game from Nebula Soft where you'll find yourself shooting apples off a very patient friend (wait a moment); shooting apples out of a tree (Oh?); and defend your corn from pigs and birds invading your farm (see, definitely not William Tell!).

Like so many archery-style games, the controls leave a lot to be desired and minor shifts in your finger resulting in an erroneous shot. Touching the screen initiates the shot, while dragging away and up or down allows you to select your shot strength and aim. Very rarely is anything short of a full shot required, making most shots a matter of fine-tuning the aiming. While shooting apples out of a tree, less power can be used to score multiple hits, but as long as your aim is true you'll rarely be without enough arrows per level.

William Tale uses a semi-doodle style of design, with digitally penciled backgrounds and 2D sprites that use a clean paper cut-out style. The game's physics are consistent, though an option to either see the trajectory or position of your last shot would help to prevent the somewhat random effect that a light roll of your finger can cause on a subsequent shot.

All of the games are endless in style and don't require too much skill to play, making this hard to keep coming back to. Archery game fans will find at least something to enjoy here, but for most gamers it's a time-waster that may not truly satisfy.


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