Jump O'Clock Review

By , on May 28, 2010

Jump O'Clock
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4 out of 5


  • Aesthetically beautiful designs.
  • Fun, simple gameplay.
  • Two challenge modes.


  • Little challenge once you gather momentum.


Jump o'Clock is certainly one of the prettiest vertical jumpers to play, but once you've 'seen it all' the challenge can feel a bit empty.

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Jump o'Clock by Glu is a steam-punk inspired endless vertical jumper that's simply stunning to watch and with several unlockable challenges it's not hard to keep busy with this little App.

Climbing the clockwork tower is easy enough as touching the screen will springboard your robot companion (LE0) off his current surface towards a safe platform. The platforms themselves are a collection of randomly generated cogs, some with dangerous surfaces, however you can use the spinning momentum of each cog to launch yourself further up towards your unknown final destination. Several hazards beyond sharp surfaces start to appear as you progress, but this variety soon runs out and mastering the game's higher levels requires more patience and timing than actual skill.

The graphics are truly beautiful with endless spinning cogs, steam, electrical arcs and the occasional furnace adding variety to the environment. Collecting golden nuts as you progress will fill a "boost" meter that will teleport LE0 further up once it's filled. There are two challenge modes, each with three difficulty levels that require you to either climb a distance in a set time or survive a climb with no damage.

While more variety in the gameplay would certainly help to make things more exciting, it's still a lovely title to enjoy, from its steam-punk visuals to the upbeat sound design. A simple little time-waster for any casual gamer to enjoy.


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