Hired Gun Review

By , on April 1, 2010

Hired Gun
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3 out of 5


  • Sensitive controls.
  • Grey, cartoony art-style works well.


  • Bordering on impossible unless you're Batman, but he doesn't use guns.


Simple fixes are all that's required to shift Hired Gun from extremely hard to approachable, even if it's a difficulty option, but for now this is a hardcore game in every sense of the word.

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Are you restless and twitchy, perhaps you think the world moves too slowly? Then Hired Gun by Triniti Interactive is the game for you. iSniper has tread this ground before, but unless you have excellent perception and spider like reflexes Hired Gun can quickly become an exercise in frustration.

After you're given your target for the randomly picked level you'll need to immediately find a way to slow down time like you're in the Matrix. Random people will pass along streets, in front of door ways or windows depending on the level you're given. Tapping anywhere will zoom the rifle and aiming is performed with tilt controls. One button while zoomed in will steady the shot and the other fires. Given how long you're given to identify targets, zoom, aim, steady and then fire it's not hard to see how four cans of an energy drink would help, or endanger your life.

Hired Gun uses a stylized stick-figure art style that's mostly shades of gray, making targets stand out. Most levels utilize people walking on the street or occasionally standing around, but anyone walking by a window is often gone before you blink. The music is a chintzy funk-rock tune that can't be drowned out using iTunes, which is a shame given that it's a basic feature for many Apps to include these days.

Hired Gun has all the right ingredients for a great game, but as it is the App would have a ninja crying. This will definitely give hardcore gamers a worthwhile run for their money.


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