Doodle God™ Review

By , on July 6, 2010

Doodle God™
  • Publisher: JoyBits Ltd.
  • Genre: Board
  • Released: 11 Jun, 2010
  • Size: 136.2 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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4 out of 5


  • Beautiful, simple art style.
  • Clever matching logic with multiple progression paths.
  • Expect plenty of future updates.


  • Ultimately repetitive in gameplay.


JoyBits have nailed time-wasting to a fine art with Doodle God and with more updates planned you can expect to get great value and fun for your money.

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In a way, it's hard to call Doodle God a game. No wait, before you lynch me hear me out: All you do is click and combine things without a story to guide you, only a loose motivation to 'find them all'... So then why is it so darn addictive? Doodle God by JoyBits goes beyond its simple gameplay by cleverly mapping out connections that are logical and at times amusing to discover, making this an addictive and eventually a complex time waster.

While I've already discussed the basic premise, the system of selection is clever, with categories full of items you've unlocked sliding to either side of the screen after touching to assist in creating new combinations. One could simply play a game of elimination, keeping track of all the new items created and smashing them in to others, but eventually the list of items (or 'elements' as they're called) reaches such a large number that testing each one becomes laborious and self-defeating.

In order to prevent repeating past combinations, a list of matches made can be accessed from the menu at the bottom along with a 'hint' button that regenerates over time. Hints come in the form of either suggesting two categories or showing the end result.

There's a unique form of logic to learn and explore with Doodle God and the first two episodes are only the beginning with the developer claiming a rather long and large series of updates for the future. Be prepared to lose an afternoon with this game, it's just that powerful.


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