Mr Onions Review

By , on June 1, 2010

Mr Onions
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3 out of 5


  • Fun trial & error style.
  • Cute children's-book inspired look.
  • Relatively solid physics.


  • Overly sensitive tilt controls.
  • Easy to fail.


Once you've come to grips with the game's particular brand of physics, you'll be tearing up the countryside and vaulting windmills like you do it every day - but perhaps Mr Onion does.

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Mr Onions is out for a bike ride and needs to get back home with all of his groceries intact, but someone keeps putting all these obstacles in his way! In this interesting physics puzzle platformer by Stuart Atkinson you'll have to help Mr Onion by maintaining your speed and balance to safely jump rivers or even the occasionally stalled vehicle.

The tilt controls can be quite sensitive, so some practice is required to come to grips with the game's physics. Notably, in order to gain speed rapidly you'll need to shift your weight on to the back wheel to get all the grip you need, while tipping forward can let you slow down while keeping your wheel's momentum. By combining balance and momentum you'll quickly master Mr Onion's controls and blast through the 20 available levels.

The game simulates its physics using a 3D engine, but cleverly designed textures give the scene a 2D feel. The art-style looks simple, but rustic like a children's novel. There are plenty of odd moments to experience while playing around with the physics, including free-standing on one wheel on the edge of a truck, but this only temporarily breaks the illusion of the game's world.

The lack of a high score board or level editing tools means that Mr Onions will be a short play-through for most people, but it's still an enjoyable one. A short, fun title for any casual gamer.


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