Sudden Tap Review

By , on June 2, 2010

Sudden Tap
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4 out of 5


  • Simplified Ouendan rhythm-game style.
  • Smoothly animated notes for perfect beats.
  • Watch-and-learn new track difficulties.


  • Drum sounds for beats are distracting.
  • Only four repetitive songs currently available.


Sudden Tap doesn't have the diversity or flashy excess of other rhythm games, but instead more effort has gone in to polishing the Ouendan style that it uses.

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You have to admire a developer that's so in to what they love that they create a game to demonstrate that passion. Sudden Tap by Sudden Creations is an Ouendan-style music-rhythm game that features music from a band called (surprise, surprise) Sudden!

Sudden Tap uses a modified and simplified version of the Ouendan note-tapping system, with notes appearing in labeled order and counting down the specific time they need to be tapped by using a glowing border. For those not familiar with this style it can take some time to master, with syncopated beats being notoriously difficult to read visually. Sliding notes also appear and need to be held down while traversing a path to score the full points.

The game's interface is clean and cartoonish, with the notes being especially large and colorful to make them easier to follow. Guide lines can appear to help you follow the progress of some beats, but if you're getting stuck in a specific spot you can watch the game complete the level in real-time to show you how its done. The beats can feel awkward for some songs and the use of drum sounds like a splash and a tom-tom can clash with the music being played, making it hard to follow the next sequence.

There are four songs available on release, with no in-store purchases available currently. The music is predominantly rock based and works well with the 3D animated rocker thrashing about the stage. More variety is needed, but still a fun title to play through.


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