Beyond Ynth Review

By , on September 22, 2010

Beyond Ynth
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5 out of 5


  • Unique labyrinth/spacial puzzle style.
  • Four environments with gameplay twists.
  • 80 levels with additional challenges to complete.


  • No universal iPad support like the original.


Beyond Ynth is an amazing improvement over the first in the series and while it's still a casual game at heart, the challenge is far from simple.

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Around this time last year gamers were able to get their hands on a neat, unique puzzler named Ynth and despite it's extremely frustrating style it still showed a lot of potential for improvement. Now 'Beyond Ynth', the spiritual sequel by FDG Entertainment and Krabl, has been released all of that potential seems to have been fully realized.

Much like the original your goal is to cross a distance of open space, often full of hazards, by rolling boxes with complex designs around the field. The left and right buttons allow players to move, bump and push the boxes around, while two separate buttons will cause Kribl, your bug, to jump at an angle. Once you're comfortable with the controls you'll need to master aligning boxes carefully to survive your trips without crushing Kribl and should you feel particularly adventurous you can attempt to collect the gems in each level, though this can be especially challenging to achieve.

Almost nothing about Beyond Ynth feels out of place, from its simple, yet clean graphics to the rich music and sound-effects that keep things lighthearted and fun. The fact that you can remain calm and amused despite the intense puzzle challenges across all 80 levels is a testament to the solid gameplay and design work.

If nits must be picked, the controls do take some getting used to and the difficulty may make life hard for completionists, but Beyond Ynth is a class act that is definitely worth checking out for casual gamers and puzzle fans alike.


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