Soccer Superstars® Review

By , on June 7, 2010

Soccer Superstars®
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4 out of 5


  • Familiar Superstars RPG style.
  • Cute Anime-inspired sprite and character designs.
  • Super-charged special moves.
  • Challenge based 'Dramatic' mode.


  • Hard to feel comfortable with semi-auto controls. 


If you're a fan of soccer and don't mind the occasional RPG then you'll probably be lost to the world when playing Soccer Superstars, but it might be a little too intense for the casual fan to enjoy.

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Those familiar with GAMEVIL's Superstars series of Baseball games will need little introduction to their latest title Soccer Superstars. However, those new to the action-packed mix of team-management with arcade and RPG gameplay will be in for a fun ride as you explore all of the games available modes and challenges.

Much like the Baseball series, Soccer Superstars uses a simple and familiar control setup for their matches, with a virtual stick controlling the direction of your player and a set of 'A and B' buttons provide multi-function abilities such as slide-tackles, goal kicks and passes. Special players can be added to your team with access to a limited amount of super-powered goal attacks that can teleport the player or even set the ball on fire and ignore the goalie. Semi-automatic control can be toggled on or off to assist in moving the selected player, but even with it available you'll take a while to get used to the extremely fast-paced matches.

For those after more control you can create your very own team in a management mode or invest all of your time in to one player's career. RPG style mechanics are used to upgrade players to give them access to new abilities or unlock items to improve the team's chances of victory.

Despite its familiar style the soccer gameplay doesn't feel as solid as the Baseball franchise, making it hard for new players to enjoy, but die-hard fans will still find themselves helplessly lost in the deep team-management and RPG mechanics.


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