Wolf Boy Review

By , on July 10, 2010

Wolf Boy
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4 out of 5


  • Fast-paced 2D brawling action.
  • Fun 'werewolf' gameplay with upgrade mechanics.
  • Additional temporary weapons for a change of pace.


  • Challenging difficulty curve.
  • Quickly repetitive.


Wolf Boy might very well become a fun title for friends to determine who's the most hardcore, but for most gamers it's still a fun experience even if find yourself hitting that retry button early on.

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Wolf Boy by NHN Corporation puts you in the all too familiar situation of being on a casual stroll with your 'gal' when all of a sudden... out of nowhere... some 'bad dude' decides to kidnap her. Being a super-powered dynamo of a teen werewolf you set off to take on the near-endless slew of enemies that stand in your way.

Wolf Boy plays much like other 2D beat'em-up titles, with d-pad controls to dash left and right and two buttons to jump and attack. After defeating a number of enemies you can activate the full-moon to transform in to a large, invincible werewolf that can tear through enemies like they're made out of paper - at least early on. Enemies quickly start to beef up, soaking enormous amounts of damage, however players can spend cash earned throughout levels to max out their stats for the human and werewolf forms.

The artwork is fantastic, with detailed 2D sprites for all of the characters and special effects. Areas change after defeating a boss every few levels, but this is easier than it sounds as enemies also populate these levels and if you slip up you can end up in a brief and inescapable sequence of attacks that demolish your health-bar.

Wolf Boy is a lot of fun, but quickly reaches a level of difficulty that will seriously challenge all but the most hardened of hardcore action fans. This title is a great quick blast of fun, especially while it remains cheap, but it may not reach the long-haul for most gamers.


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