Castaway Jelly Review

By , on July 21, 2010

Castaway Jelly
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3 out of 5


  • Simple maze navigating gameplay.
  • Beautiful, clean and colorful art style.
  • Cute main character.


  • Little replay value.
  • Too easy to finish.


For those after a new title for younger audiences, Castaway Jelly is an uncomplicated title that will easily challenge their skills.

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It's not often you get a chance to navigate coral mazes as a jellyfish and Colorplay Games have decided to fill this niche hole with 'Castaway Jelly'. In this simple game you must navigate various ocean hazards in order to rescue your friends and ultimately make your way home.

Over the course of 30 levels you'll need to avoid natural hazards including sharp coral, balloon fish and on several occasions even apparently harmless bubbles. The game boasts the use of intuitive controls, but all this boils down to is tapping on the left or right side of the screen to slide up and to the left or right respectively. Your jellyfish will sink if it remains stationary, but everything ends up feeling like it's acting in slow motion, requiring most of your moves to be deliberate and cautious to survive later mazes.

As you explore the seas you'll be greeted by various cartoonish vector drawn sprites that pop with color. A few cute touches like watching your jellyfish roll over in playful delight also help to set the mood. Castaway Jelly isn't a terribly challenging game, though some collision detection issues can make certain levels harder than intended.

While this isn't going to appeal to a lot of gamers, it's definitely something for younger audiences to enjoy. Castaway Jelly is a short, relaxing title, but still a hard one to recommend to most gamers.


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