Banzai Rabbit Review

By , on June 10, 2010

Banzai Rabbit
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4 out of 5


  • Classic Frogger gameplay with a heroic twist.
  • Vibrant comic-book style.
  • Lots of levels and locations to enjoy.
  • AGON network support.


  • No native iTunes support.
  • Lingering development artwork elements.


Getting across the road and river in Frogger was always hard enough, but only Banzai Rabbit would make you come back again, challenging gamers to fine tune their timing skills.

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Revolutionary Concepts are on a roll and after their release of Karate Champ for the App Store they've struck while the iron is hot and have dropped their latest original title 'Banzai Rabbit'. Those following the development of this game may remember it as Frogman, but either way we've got a hopping super-hero helping citizens from being mutated by your nemesis.

When it comes right down to it, Banzai Rabbit is a modern adaption of Frogger, with several control schemes and variations to suit your tastes. The default is a swipe-based setup, with Banzai heading in the direction you flick. Both alternative schemes provide different variations on a d-pad, with left and right side swaps also being available. There are two power-ups to collect, with a temporary slo-mo mode and super-jump helping players to avoid untimely deaths. However, you'll want to use them quickly as any you've accumulated are lost when you die.

The game's graphics are cartoonish with bold comic-style splashes of color to catch your eye. Elements of the game's original frog-based superhero are still evident, with Banzai's leaping animation looking slightly odd for a lanky humanoid rabbit, but other than this the game world feels vibrant and alive.

There's five unique environments and multiple variants of each level to explore and once you've unlocked a level you can also tackle a challenge mode to compete against your friends. Banzai Rabbit is Frogger re-imagined for a new generation and worth checking out.


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