By , on June 11, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Detailed 3D visuals.
  • Rock solid tilt and touch racing controls.
  • Lots of vehicles to try.


  • Low challenge gameplay.


2XL continues to impress gamers with the visuals in TROPHYLITE Rally, but despite its realism there's not enough challenging split-second chasing moments to keep coming back to.

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2XL Games are no stranger to the odd sports racing title on the App Store and are well known for their visual quality and smooth controls. So it almost goes without saying that if you're a fan of their previous titles, 2XL TROPHYLITE Rally might already tickle your fancy.

There are three major control schemes to choose from, with left and right variants for two of these and coupled with 2XL's steering assist you'll be clocking times like a professional in no time. The tilt-based options are particularly responsive and players after some extra fidelity can adjust the sensitivity levels in the options. However, even without steering assist the game lacks a lot of challenge as control can be maintained so easily that unless you steer in to a wall or another opponent you'll be flying to the head of the leaderboards.

The desert landscapes are simply jaw-dropping, with mesa-filled plains stretching out in to the distance and shadow-filled canyons that are incredibly realistic. Each track feels perfectly crafted, with various bumps and weathered moguls that help to maintain the realism of the world. There are over 30 vehicles to choose from and each one will slowly upgrade as you progressively unlock more achievements.

2XL Rally is more of an experience than a seriously challenging racer and with the ability to play shortened stages it's easy to have a quick game on the go. A great title for anyone after a casual racer that's out to impress.


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