Modern Conflict™ Review

By , on July 13, 2010

Modern Conflict™
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4 out of 5


  • Fast-paced real-time Risk gameplay.
  • Aggressive, clever AI opponents.
  • Challenging quick-play Survival mode with upgrades.


  • Steep learning curve even on Recruit level.
  • Previous customers may feel burnt by needing to pay for the same game again.


Modern Conflict is a clever and extremely addictive action title that will require sharp observation and quick-witted tactics to survive; however it's not hard to blame some who feel it's quite literally been done before.

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It'd be no surprise if you started to get a bit of deja'vu while playing Modern Conflict by Clickgamer. Judgement Day, a title that has since been pulled from the App Store, was the original incarnation of this action-oriented game and while its somewhat controversial theme has been stripped back, the Galcon-esque gameplay remains.

Players can control multiple bases that continually generate tanks or helicopters to bulk up their army. Depending on their size, bases can generate a limited amount of units, which can then be reinforced and pushed across the map to attack opposing bases. While the concept is simple, maintaining a balance of defense and strong offense or a timely risky push can be the difference between success or failure. The AI is fast and unforgiving on almost all difficulty levels, but it feels great to see the computer taking risks that make each attempt almost entirely unique to play.

Much like the original, the game uses a modern war theme with a wide variety of maps that challenge players to fight against overwhelming odds. There are three campaigns to complete for the American, Chinese and Russian factions and a fourth nation is available to play in the quick-play 'Survival' mode.

Modern Conflict is no slouch and players will need to master managing multiple bases with quick swipes and taps to transfer their units across the field. Despite the difficulty curve of later missions it's a rewarding experience worth checking out for any action-strategy fan.


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