Fastar! Review

By , on August 3, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • Action-RPG gameplay parody.
  • Lots of gameplay modes and magic to explore.
  • Impressive, basic art style with expressive cubes.
  • Online scoreboards.


  • Some game modes are brutally challenging, you have been warned.
  • Writing this review means I'm not playing Fastar.


Fastar! may be a parody of RPG and action titles, but its strong, simple gameplay beats the pants off just about everything out there while still making your crack a smile.

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If you're a fan of RPGs and especially action RPGs then there's no more to say about Fastar! than to go and check it out now. For everyone else that still needs convincing, Fastar! by Cat in a Box Games is a side-scrolling genre parody of RPG and action titles and from the very moment you start playing you're in for a treat.

Like so many RPGs you're placed in control of an anonymous slayer-of-things with a suitably oversized weapon in tow on a quest to go as far right as possible. There are four control options, varying from swipe based to tilt and even traditional d-pad setups, but the true mind-blowing setup is its one-handed option. Ordinarily gameplay involves running along towards your next enemy, dispensing magic and sword beatings while collecting cash for upgrades, which is just built for landscape orientation, but in one handed mode you play in portrait and maneuver via a treadmill swipe pad and tap to attack.

The parodies don't stop at the presentation either, with each enemy being represented as a colored square. This would be boring if it wasn't for each one having a distinctly unique personality (how does a cube manage to show fear?) that players will need to learn to quickly and efficiently dispatch them. Players can briefly pass through towns to replenish their healthy while new areas quite literally cut between each other as you progress.

Fastar! is unadulterated fun and this will easily become a regular mainstay of anyone's gaming collection; definitely a must try.


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