Hexius Review

By , on June 17, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Frantic seek and match gameplay.
  • Clever power-up synergy.
  • Three game modes to try out.


  • Shape similarities can cause visual confusion (star and cross in particular).


Hexius is a little bit 'Where's Wally' mixed with a three-match title and is great to sharpen up those observational skills, but it still feels like familiar territory is being tread.

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Hexius by Phasic Labs is an interesting beast to approach and could easily be mistaken for a 3-match game, but instead of swapping and matching gems you'll need to drag up your 'Where's Wally' skills to quickly and efficiently find all the matching tiles spread around the field.

Once your first tile is selected you'll have to find and select all the matching tiles to continue, however selecting an incorrect tile will allow you to restart your sequence. Depending on the path created by the order of tiles selected you'll unlock various power-ups including bombs, slow-motion and even a helper that highlights the tiles matching your first selection.

Hexius is an extremely clean game, with clear designs and simple special effects that are easy on the eye. Social integration is woven in strongly and high-scores are shown for local, friends and online before each game starts. The available game modes give a good spread of variation, but the difficulty of predicting paths does make the 'Level Challenge' hard to master.

It's great to feel like you're learning new skills or flexing old ones in a new way, but after a while Hexius feels like it's still traveling in the same ruts as most three-match games despite the unique gameplay. Arcade puzzle fans after something fresh will enjoy the new challenge, but Hexius isn't likely to replace your favorite title just yet.


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