Train Conductor 2: USA Review

By , on July 14, 2010

Train Conductor 2: USA
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5 out of 5


  • Four unique 'train conducting' modes.
  • A new 'ghost' mode to enjoy.
  • Eye-popping designs and catchy tunes.


  • Only Facebook integration currently available.


Train Conductor 2 is a great step up from the original and while there are some similarities the four unique train conducting modes and brand new ghost mode are a blast to enjoy.

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It's been almost six months, but The Voxel Agents have already released the sequel to their incredibly popular action-puzzle title Train Conductor and it's taken the locomotive madness from the Outback and straight to the heartland of the USA.

A lot of streamlining of the gameplay has occurred since the last release, with only five locations to explore. To offset this downsizing each area now features an entirely unique gameplay style to explore, with the first two introducing players to original track-swapping and ghost-train modes. For all but one of the modes the basic gameplay consists of shifting trains to the correct track by drawing lines between each horizontal level. Once the remaining levels are unlocked, players can try their hand at swapping tracks in a subway system complete with pillars blocking paths; sorting ghosts that are destined for doom by flicking them to their appropriate group; or crossing ravines with death-defying trains that refuse to stop.

The graphics are simply eye-popping, with a great hand-drawn style that's colorful and varied perfectly for each location. The same also goes for the game's excellent sound-track which is unique to each area, however if you're after a change you can always listen to your iPod at the same time. Native iPad support is also included in this release.

At times, Train Conductor 2 can feel like more of the same, but the new modes add a great sense of variety that means fans and new players will always have something to enjoy.


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