Zen Bound® 2 Universal Review

By , on July 22, 2010

Zen Bound® 2 Universal
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5 out of 5


  • Familiar gameplay with new modes to explore.
  • Jaw-dropping visuals that literally scorch your iDevice.
  • Bursting at the seams with new content.


  • Still similar enough to prevent those who disliked the original from switching their minds.


Once again, the lines between art and gaming have been blurred in Zen Bound 2; there are some moments of déjà vu, but fans and newcomers alike should treat themselves to this latest prose in game form.

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We've walked down this path before; there's a quiet sense of guilt in taking pleasure over tying up inanimate objects with rope. Zen Bound 2 by Secret Exit builds upon their already excellent title by pushing iDevices to their visual limits while adding more content and modes to enjoy.

The key to mastering Zen Bound is simplicity in itself, with smooth and intuitive gestures allowing players to twist each object in the ultimate goal of painting it from a neutral wooden state. Swiping will push your object around its axis; double touches allow you to turn the object along its side; and rotating your iPhone will reorient the rope to allow for perfect accuracy. Two new features in the form of nail and rope 'paint bombs' have been added on to various puzzles, opening the doors to some truly bizarre new shapes to conquer.

If you thought the original title was beautiful, then you're in for a serious shock as Zen Bound 2 has once again reached a new level of visual excellence. Each iDevice is natively supported and those lucky enough to have an iPhone 3GS or better will be treated to smooth anti-aliased shapes and stunning visual effects.

Zen Bound 2 may be more of the same, but with this release the gameplay and style have reached near perfection. With hours of contemplative content to explore fans of the original can hardly be disappointed and those yet to try this title have something truly beautiful to experience; this is graceful gaming at its finest.

PLEASE NOTE: The additional OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics are only available for the iPhone 3GS/4, iPod Touch 3G and iPad, however it should still run on all devices.


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Danuab 10 years, 9 months ago

Out of interest, does the app really literally scorch my iPhone?

andrew 10 years, 9 months ago

Our test iPhone 3GS was running extremely hot after a short time of play - it wasn't uncomfortable, but it was definitely noticeably hot :)