EXO-Planet Elite Review

By , on June 18, 2010

EXO-Planet Elite
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4 out of 5


  • Strategic grappling hook and zero-g use.
  • Simple 2v2 CTF and 4 player Deathmatch modes.
  • Upgradeable weapons and armor.


  • Gameplay limited by internet access.
  • Repetitive content.


It's hard to beat being able to flip upside-down and pick off an opponent as they careen past you on their grappling hook, but they're rare moments and you'll need to be online to truly appreciate this multiplayer title.

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SGN are no stranger to creating multiplayer games for the iPhone and it's great to see them try their hands at a shooter-based game in EXO-Planet Elite. Players can take part in capture-the-flag and death-match games that take place in zero-g combat arenas where players can freely jump in to the emptiness of space or grapple their way between platforms.

EXO uses standard customizable FPS controls for their third-person shooter, with two thirds of the screen being dedicated for moving your camera and the remaining are used for strafing movement. Tapping the screen will allow your player to 'jump' however touching magnetized surfaces will launch a grappling hook that will lock you in to place, while regular surfaces allow you to use your momentum to free-fall and even bounce of platforms.

There's only a handful of game environments and the 3D isn't spectacular, but it does cleverly hide the texture detail by using 'futuristic' platform decal designs. Players earn experience and points for upgrades as they play, however an offline speed-run mode is available to practice and earn bonus points. Like other games in this vein, the leveling approach can result in some seriously unfair match-ups, but the servers do try to ensure players are relatively well paired up.

For now, EXO-Planet Elite looks to be an amusing playground with frantic action almost always on tap for players to enjoy, but this does mean your game time will be limited by your access to the internet. A fun multiplayer experience worth trying out.


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