RISK Review

By , on July 22, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Official RISK for your iDevice.
  • Eye-popping visuals.
  • Strong musical backing and iPod playlist support.
  • Local pass and network multiplayer.


  • No alternative modes or game customization.
  • No online multiplay.


More features for 'RISK: The Official Game' would have been nice, but it's otherwise a solid RISK title with no more than the basics you need to get going.

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Well here it is. The real thing. After an official partnering between Hasbro and Electronic Arts we now have the first legitimate 'RISK' title for the App Store, but was it really worth the wait when so many competitors already roaming the same territory? It's a natural question to ask, especially considering there have been variations on the 'world domination' board-game gameplay since the iPhone was released.

Gameplay follows the strict basic rulings of the board game and players can add up to 5 AI opponents in single-player. The interface is slick and simple to use, with easy to follow touch-prompts to move your troops and even the option to watch the dice rolls for hit-and-run strategies.

Dramatic special effects and smooth hand-drawn characters punch up the visuals to give this title more than a bit of spice, while emphatic field music inspired tracks really get you in the military mood. There's a true mark of quality in this version of RISK, which is to be expected, but for what you pay you'd honestly hope for more. Multiplayer comes in pass-to-play or local multiplayer only and there are no alternate boards, rulings or even the ability to run multiple games.

It's great to put the old skills back in to practice for this classic title, but ultimately you're paying for the name and 'official' rulings. For those that just have to keep it legit, this is still a decent offering, but with so many full-featured titles already available it's a hard game to recommend.


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