The War of Eustrath Review

By , on August 3, 2010

The War of Eustrath
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4 out of 5


  • Detailed static digital artwork.
  • Huge story mission campaign.
  • Challenging tactical gameplay.


  • Some tactical information not given to players (enemy movement/attack range etc.)


The War of Eustrath has found a great new home on the iPhone and while it may not be an exciting RPG, it's still a competent and extremely well fleshed out one to keep RPG fans busy.

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The War of Eustrath has been out for a while now for the iPad, but this recent release for the iPhone gives players a chance to experience this new tactical RPG from iQubi on the go. In this title you'll get to follow the heroine of one of the great wars of Eustrath and throw giant mechs at each other on over 50 different battlefields.

As to be expected with a tactical-RPG, players control combat via touch-based menus, selecting areas on the grid-based combat screen to move or attack enemies. Each mech has access to multiple weapons, varying in power requirements and range. While players may only attack once per round, weapon selection is important as burning through power will leave you vulnerable to counter-attacks and leave you woefully equipped for handling elite enemies on the field. Combat itself is fairly automated, but players have the choice of affecting the outcome by activating abilities or even risking critical damage by attempting to dodge an attack.

The static artwork for The War of Eustrath is quite incredible, however after two decades of 'pixel art combat' and 'fine art static heads' in RPGs it also feels predictably bland. However, the interface itself is clean and despite the overload of information it reads perfectly, giving you all the information you require clearly while providing plenty of feedback for the finer details should you require them.

The War of Eustrath is a fairly standard, but well presented tactical-RPG that will scratch the itch of most RPG fans.


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