Master of Alchemy Review

By , on August 6, 2010

Master of Alchemy
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4 out of 5


  • Intriguing alchemical physics gameplay.
  • Smooth, sharp graphics and particle animations.
  • Sixty levels and six characters to play.


  • Cumbersome placement controls.


Master of Alchemy was beautiful on the iPad and its jump to the iPhone is no less breathtaking and fascinating to play.

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Fans of physics based puzzlers are in for a treat as Master of Alchemy by DarkWave Studios and Chillingo has made the jump from the iPad to the iPhone, bringing its own unique brand of particle based physics and complex puzzles for you to solve on the run.

I've often had a lot of bad luck with the controls to these sorts of games and Master of Alchemy is no exception, with the menus and placement of objects being too slow and cumbersome to accurately place objects and gain high scores early on. Thankfully the game is lenient and doesn't expect perfect runs, content for players to solve the puzzles before attempting gold scores. As you progress through the sixty available levels you will need to master the art of transforming colored particles between solid, liquid and gaseous states, breaking down walls and mixing them where required to reach your targets.

Master of Alchemy is simply amazing to view on Retina displays, but gameplay is still smooth no matter which device you play on. There's a rather surprising amount of in-depth story to follow, with six characters to choose from, but this is merely icing on the cake as the gameplay is intriguing enough to keep you playing without a story.

With multiple solutions, bonuses and awards spread out over sixty levels, Master of Alchemy is not only a great game, but great value as well. Fans of puzzle titles should definitely check this game out.


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