Dark Nebula - Episode Two Review

By , on August 9, 2010

Dark Nebula - Episode Two
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5 out of 5


  • Ultra-smooth, accurate tilt-controls.
  • More dynamic action than the original.
  • Six beautiful environments mixed through 19 levels.


  • Tilt-sensitivity options still not available.


Dark Nebula - Episode 2 has developed in just the right ways to recapture what made the original so successful while building in new, exciting action elements.

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'Dark Nebula - Episode 2' by 1337 Game Design is the latest in the Dark Nebula series to grace the App Store and fans of the original can expect bigger and better things from this self-proclaimed Labyrinth 'on steroids'.

Dark Nebula places you in control of an orb traveling through six different environments and 19 levels, tilting your way through dangerous trap filled zones and in a new twist you'll also be able to bring the fight to your enemies with a brand new combat system. The tilt-controls are extremely slick, with very light physics that give you full control over your orb whether it's flying at mach-speeds or thrown in to the air. This precision is especially handy when facing aggressive AI enemies and bosses, ducking in and out to score heavy hits.

Dark Nebula 2 steps up in the graphics department as well, with ultra-crisp environments and particle effects that make it easy to follow what's happening on screen even at high-speeds. One criticism of the first title was its incredibly short play-time and the sequel easily makes up for this with almost double the original levels and online scoreboards to compete in.

Dark Nebula - Episode 2 is exactly what the series needed, polishing the aspects that made the first so popular while giving the game a new dynamic with its slightly more aggressive tone. Fans of the original and those after an exciting tilt-controlled action title will definitely want to grab this game.


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