Love Battle Princess Review

By , on August 15, 2010

Love Battle Princess
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5 out of 5


  • 43 challenges to teach and improve your gameplay.
  • Unique arcade gameplay with deep scoring mechanics.
  • Unlockable reward wallpapers.


  • Bubble offset from your finger can be hard to keep in check when playing at high speeds.


Sexy, fun and entirely without comparison; Love Battle Princess is a dark horse and worth checking out for fans of addictive arcade titles.

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In the race to develop the next big 'addictive' title, Love Battle Princess by Tenshi Noir is the sort of dark horse I'd like to back as a winner. Combining unique gameplay elements to develop a game that feels exciting and challenging to master while feeling like nothing else, Love Battle Princess would be a hard sell if it wasn't also a beautiful game to look at in more ways than one.

The basic gameplay involves collecting flowers by tapping on the screen three times in a row while avoiding skulls that float in your way. Gravity will slowly drag the flowers to the bottom of the screen, hurting your princess should they fall all the way and while it may be easy enough to prevent them falling that far, you'll need to weigh up your options as the more flowers you get in a chain, the higher your score. Thankfully once you score 100 points or more a gravity-well is created, slowly sucking in flowers and the more power-flowers you feed it the larger it becomes, potentially becoming unstable if it gets large enough.

There's no getting past the visual design and Tenshi Noir have tried to strike the fine line of being sexy without going too far. As a reward for diligent gameplay gamers can not only earn achievements, but also Retina quality wallpapers if they can reach the gold level for each girl's challenges.

It's so rare to have a chance to play a game this special and from the simple, but clean artistic style to the deep scoring gameplay, Love Battle Princess is a definite must try.


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