Solipskier Review

By , on August 16, 2010

  • Publisher: aeiowu
  • Genre: Casual
  • Released: 12 Aug, 2010
  • Size: 54.1 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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4 out of 5


  • Fresh gameplay blend of runner and line-drawing mechanics.
  • Rocking soundtrack and neat visual touches.
  • Universal iDevice support.


  • Challenge remains fairly consistent from start to finish.


Solipskier is a great fresh twist on side-scrolling running titles with its high-speed gameplay and thumping track it's an easy game to keep coming back to. 

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It's not uncommon to see the occasional popular Flash title making its way on to the App Store, but it's somewhat rare to find a game that seems like it was always destined for the App Store. Solipskier by Mikengreg has you rocking out as you jump, flip and ski along at super-sonic speed in this horizontal 'runner' and instead of taking direct control you'll need to draw the landscape to keep him safe while hitting as many gates as possible to score it large.

The line drawing is incredibly fluid and you'll need to master manipulating the game's rather simple physics to keep things moving at a fast pace. Simply drawing a steep slope may give you a quick boost, but you'll need to keep the flow after jumps to really get up your speed. However scoring isn't simply about survival and speed, so you'll need to accurately guide your skier through gates and 'tunnels' to boost your multiplier, while large jumps that skip gates can also net you a large bonus.

Solipskier's presentation is incredibly stylish, with dark grays and simple clean designs providing a great backdrop to the fast-paced gameplay. It's also cute to see the landscape react to creating the land, with houses popping up as you fly by. And speaking of flying by, it's a nice touch to see the skier's headphones drop off if you go too fast leaving you with only the sound of wind whipping by.

Solipskier is quite an amazingly simple and addictive title and definitely worth picking if you're a fan of elegant titles like Canabalt.


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