iShoot 2 Review

By , on August 19, 2010

iShoot 2
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3 out of 5


  • Polished visuals and special effects.
  • Detailed weapon customization.
  • Relatively easy to learn controls.


  • Lack of decent multiplayer options.
  • Fixed power makes most matches a race to be accurate first.


iShooter 2 does exactly what the first game did, only better - and while this may satisfy some it gives other recent turn-based shooters an edge over this title.

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It has been some time since iShoot stormed the App Store and gave people a seriously fun turn-based shooting challenge for their iDevices. With the release of iShoot 2 by Naughty Bits fans of the original might be diving at the opportunity to pick up the sequel, but it might also be worth pausing for a moment as there are a few changes that may not sit well with fans of turn-based shooters.

The controls have changed, utilizing two large slide bars near your tank to set the general power and angle of your shot, while a smaller bar at the bottom of the screen can give you fine-control over these numbers. The doubling up of the controls seems unnecessary, but more importantly the static power value makes it very easy to cheese a victory once you've 'dialed in' the correct numbers. By the time you get a bearing on your opponents you'll invariably have very powerful weapons unlocked, making your victory all but a foregone conclusion.

It's good to see a lot of the small tweaks that have gone in the visual presentation of iShoot 2, with its clean and easy to read interface and incredibly customizable weapons helping it to stand out. What a terrible shame then that you'll not get much of a chance to play this title with friends as only local Bluetooth multiplayer is available, leaving you with either the short 'preset' matches or random skirmishes against AI to play with.

iShoot 2 is still a great turn-based shooter and a good introduction to the genre for those yet to try it, but without more changes this is more of a polish job than a true sequel to the series.


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