Top Gun 2 Review

By , on August 23, 2010

Top Gun 2
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3 out of 5


  • Afterburner-style gameplay.
  • Two new jets to choose from.
  • Unique power-ups and upgrades.


  • No alternate or customizable control options.


Top Gun 2 had more than enough time to learn and grow after the first title, but the flashier visuals can't make up for a game that feels too loose to enjoy.

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The first title in the Top Gun series by Paramount Digital Entertainment was a fairly fun arcade shooter in the style of classics like Afterburner and while it had some issues it was certainly worthy of its franchise title. So it falls to the sequel to step up the game, adding new planes, new visuals and slightly tweaked gameplay, but with so many changes how much of the original fun action title is truly left?

Top Gun 2 has at least kept the basic Afterburner style of gameplay, with players tilting to move their chosen jet around the screen to dodge incoming fire and aim their cannons and missiles at enemy jets. Each of the three vehicles have unique temporary power-ups that amount to one defensive and one offensive choice and between missions you can upgrade the different weapons with any cash earned. Sadly there's still no sensitivity options to choose from, but the worst offender is the lack of inverted control options which can get frustrating if you're not a fan of the default setup.

The visual upgrades also seem to be overblown as well, with the only major improvement being visible in the user interface design and smoothing on the jet's model. The 'danger zone' warnings have also been removed, making it difficult to dodge incoming fire while dishing damage out in return.

Top Gun 2 just hasn't evolved enough since the last outing and while the gameplay elements are in place for a great action title it fails to execute and barely manages to stay on par with the original.


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