Super Falling Fred Review

By , on October 22, 2012

Super Falling Fred
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4 out of 5


  • Packed to the gills with clever gags; from headlines to 'tips', the game aims and succeeds at putting a smile on your face.
  • Saturday morning cartoon-like visuals; adult in concept while still catering to younger audiences (options to turn off gore also available).
  • Cleverly designed areas and traps; plays on your nervousness and punishes over-compensation.


  • Hard to earn in-game currency; makes grinding feel unrewarding depending on your luck - makes you somewhat dependent on daily rewards etc.
  • Original replay system made of a great way to share your 'best hits' with friends; a shame it's completely gone.


Super Falling Fred takes the original falling title and polishes absolutely every aspect by packing in new power-ups, a bunch of unlockable characters and a challenge that scales to nightmarish levels, all at the low cost of 'free'.

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Dedalord is back again, this time with a free-to-play update to Falling Fred. The 'super' isn't without its merit either as players get to combine a whole host of new power-ups to survive all-new deadly depths. Oh, and Fred isn't alone this time - he gets to share his pain with a range of new characters too.

All you need to do to score it large is to avoid hazards in the vertical shaft Fred and company are falling down - it sounds easy, and thanks to the auto-calibrated tilt controls you'll be able to react with lightning speed, but there are a couple things working against you.

Firstly, the further you fall the faster you'll fall - physics have taken a backseat here, so be prepared for some attempts that end faster than it takes to load up the game. Secondly, although all of the hazards are clear and easy to see, your ragdoll protagonist partially obscures your view, forcing you to have to constantly move around to 'see' - dodge and weave incorrectly and the next hazard will pop off your heads... or your leg... or your arm.

That's right, no matter whether you play as a basketball star, a diva pop-singer or a literal crash-test dummy, damage can (and regularly does) result in limbs flying off. This can be a boon in many ways, slimming you down and preventing too much rolling around mid-air, but you'll also be one step closer to 'hitting the dirt' and ending your run.

In compensation you'll earn 'skullies', which can in turn be used to either unlock new characters, or improve the many power-ups that either teleport, slow-down or even heal Fred while falling. If you happen to be attempting a high-score, you'll also appreciate the temporary boosts that can shield or 'revive' Fred as he falls.

Super Falling Fred is, basically put, the original game on steroids. Everything from the visuals and soundtrack to the gameplay itself has been tweaked to hit harder and turn this game in to an ultimate gross-out Arcade high-scorer.


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