Solomon's Boneyard Review

By , on September 10, 2010

Solomon's Boneyard
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5 out of 5


  • Multiple characters with individual traits.
  • Unlockable starting bonuses.
  • Atmospheric environments.


  • Individual games can take some time making overall progress slow.


Solomon's Boneyard is Solomon's Keep minus the dungeon crawling and plus the action, making an already great title even better.

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I'm honestly a bit lost for words; when Raptisoft decided to turn their excellent dungeon crawler Solomon's Keep in to a straight twin-stick shooter I wasn't sure what to think. However if you had any interest in the original title then 'Solomon's Boneyard' is almost a guaranteed must try... I think I'm already have withdrawals just writing this review.

Ok ok, melodrama aside this title cuts back on the crawling and focuses on some of the best aspects of their original title. In this precursor your job is to fight against Solomon's endless undead horde and while it's a fight you can't win it's a fight you'll keep coming back to. There are four initial (and three unlockable) characters to choose from, each with unique starting abilities to mix up the gameplay. As you defeat waves of enemies you'll level up in the same style of Solomon's Keep, picking between one of three randomly assigned perks until you're a bad-ass killing machine.

The visuals are dark, dank and utterly perfect for this title, with shadows stretching away from graves and gnarled trees occasionally obscuring your view, but never quite blocking it. However it's the ability to carry over gold from each playthrough that makes this a true killer addictive title. This cash can be spent to unlock additional perks and characters, giving you a boost to the start of your game and making each playthrough last that little bit longer.

Whether you're a fan of twin-stick shooters or of the original Solomon's Keep, Solomon's Boneyard is a definite must buy.


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