XAGON. Review

By , on September 8, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Pick up and play gameplay.
  • Fast paced Arcade and challenging Strategy modes.
  • OpenFeint support for highscores.


  • Limited gameplay variation; easy to put down again.


XAGON. doesn't strike out too far from the comfortable zone of other arcade puzzle titles, but its simple style and starkly opposite modes are great to see.

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XAGON. by Sudden Creations might be a little familiar for some, especially if you've played the recently released title 'Flipstones'. However, instead of going for a flashy and at times unforgiving style of gameplay, XAGON strips things down to the basics and players will need to either make matches as fast as possible, or with the minimum amount of moves to score it big.

Swapping only requires a quick swipe, but they can only be switched one at a time, making the Strategy and Arcade modes work perfectly. In the Arcade mode you'll need to think quickly and swipe even faster to keep ahead of the clock, while in Strategy mode you can take all the time you like, but each swap eats away at your remaining moves so you'll need to think carefully to keep future matches in mind.

However that's all there really is to the game; beyond the basic matching and modes it's really just another arcade puzzle title to eat up your spare time. The visuals are clean and bright, opting for a neon outline style that's easy on the eyes, but quickly differentiating between the pink and red triangles in the Arcade mode can be a bit frustrating to deal with.

While there's not much depth to XAGON it's still an easy game to jump in to and enjoy regardless of whether you're after a brain-teaser or a frantic arcade to fill your spare time.


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